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So people want to know why did I write a book and I have to honestly say that it was never in my radar. I never saw myself as writing a book, but through the years of seeing how people were dying compelled me to share my knowledge and information with more than one family at a time that I work with as an end of life doula.

My book, Dying Made Easier – Creating Your Happy Ending, was written because I want people to know that death and dying needn’t be as hard as what it often is in our country. It can be easier, and we can design it according to what matters to us, what gives meaning to it according to us.

So when I say “creating your happy ending”, I mean that we have choices, many choices that most of us are not aware that we have and I spelled that out in the book so that it would be easy for anyone to pick it up and use it as a guide to design their dying experience to be what matters most to them. So it goes into detail about the things that can happen, the choices that can be made, how to make it easier and to make it less fearful; because I think a better understanding, a more accurate understanding of dying, will help with the experience of fear that so many of us try to avoid when it comes to the subject.

So I give the reader a better understanding that dying is still living, and that end of life is still life and that we have choices and we can regard it with the high esteem that we regard all eras of our lives; whether it be our wedding or the birth of our child or a graduation, end of life can be sacred and meaningful when designed according to our choosing.

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