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Q: How does Compassionate Crossings help?

A: In many ways, we can be compared to a birthing doula or midwife, who helps all those present when a person enters life. We simply help when one in leaving life instead! Similar to a personal assistant, we can help with errands, provide a break to the caregivers and help in many other ways. Most important though, we can be there when hospice cannot, especially at end of life, when help is needed most.


Q: Will we still need hospice services?

A: Hospice provides many wonderful services, and is usually a covered benefit. We believe that if a person is eligible for hospice, he/she should take advantage of this support. We will work right along side the hospice provider.


Q: Will you give nursing or medical care?

A: While Myra is a licensed nurse, an end of life guide is better understood as a human kindness. The care is more personal and similar to what a trusted friend or family member would give. With 35 years of medical experience though, we can quickly determine when medical intervention is needed for comfort.


Q: At what point should we arrange for the support of Compassionate Crossings?

A: As soon as you become aware that you or someone you love has been given a terminal diagnosis. We support not only the dying person, but all of those involved in their life. We will certainly not arrive too early, because our assistance will be helpful the minute we get there.