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Most of us will get choices about our dying experience, but few will make them. If ask, many people say they have no idea about the circumstances of their dying and do not expect to know until the end of their life, if at all. In fact, because of the unknown nature of life itself, people generally think that the events of their dying days are out of their control.

I tell you–for the majority of us–we have opportunities to have a say about our last chapter of life! All that is required is acceptance of our mortal state. Contrary to popular belief, thinking and planning about our final days will not hasten their arrival! No more than purchasing life insurance causes death!

Where would you prefer to be when you leave the planet? Which loved ones do you hope will be there? What kind of care would you wish to receive and would you want the services of hospice and an end of life guide?

If you or a loved one have been given a terminal diagnosis, there is likely enough time to plan a meaningful last chapter. Instead of allowing events to happen by default, why not create an intentional dying experience that has meaning to you? One that allows for time spent with loved ones and opportunities for words to be said, music to be played, laughter and even joy! The final chapter of life can be as important as all the others, and should be!

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