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Lisa Brys of LegacyWorksMyra: As a hospice nurse and a certified end of life doula, I help the dying and their families with all the diverse phases and considerations that take place at the end of life. You’ve been a professional organizer for more than 30 years helping individuals deal with both their personal and professional “stuff.” But, today, I want to ask you a few questions about a new organizing tool that you designed called LegacyWorks. What exactly is LegacyWorks?

Lisa: Thank you, Myra. I love talking about LegacyWorks. And, just as you said, it’s a new organizing tool I designed that anyone can use to record their most valuable and relevant information. And now I know your next question: Why is it important for people to record their most valuable and relevant information?

Myra: You read my mind! But I’m already thinking of all the possible scenarios that would warrant having all this information organized into one package. Why don’t you explain it?

Lisa: Life happens, right? Personal disasters. Divorce. Environmental disasters. Temporary incapacitation. And the biggest life changer… death. And it was my own close brush with death that led me to come up with LegacyWorks.

Myra: How is it that a professional organizer’s near death experience resulted in an organizing tool for the public? I’m sure that everything in your life is organized to the hilt.

Lisa: You’re right, Myra. All of my family’s most valuable and relevant information is completely organized, but I’m the only one who knows how to access or locate it. If I were incapacitated or dead, where does that leave my family? How many times have you heard about a husband dying and leaving his wife in complete ignorance of where their bank accounts and investments are located? Or a wife dies and the husband doesn’t have a clue where she kept all their important records?

Myra: What a wake-up call. What are examples of what can be included in a LegacyWorks package?

Lisa: LegacyWorks is very comprehensive. It can include everything from personal data, financial information and locations of legal documents to medical history, final wishes and more.

The “more” is all about the individual. It’s someone’s unique history. It’s the personal letters given to people after someone passes. And it’s answers to questions that focus on the individual’s thoughts and preferences. Plus, since LegacyWorks is completed on the computer using MS Word fillable forms, the documents are easily updated as life changes. Because life does change.

Myra: You know, everything you’re telling me is so true about how families are left in confusion if something happens to the family member who knows where everything is kept. I’ve seen it myself in my profession. So, with advanced planning and preparation, that doesn’t have to happen. What are you doing to reach out to everyone and let them know about LegacyWorks?

Lisa: Great question. First, I’m trying to reach people where they work by offering discounted LegacyWorks pricing for businesses and associations. Next, I speak to groups about LegacyWorks and teach seminars on organizing using LegacyWorks. All attendees receive discount codes to use for ordering their LegacyWorks on my website.

Myra: So LegacyWorks sounds like its affordable for everyone?

Lisa: Absolutely. With a discount code, LegacyWorks is very affordable. In fact, may I offer the readers of this interview a special discount? Go to and use promo code: DOULA for a discounted price of $99. We’ll call it the “Myra Bennett Special.”

Myra: Perfect! And what a great promo code name, too! Thank you. And thank you for this lovely and informative interview.

Lisa: My pleasure, Myra. We’re both on a mission to help as many people as possible. Like you, I want to leave this world a better place for having lived in it.


Lisa Brys is the owner of TimeWorks Professional Organizing in Sacramento, California. She can be reached at 916-205-5034 or To order LegacyWorks, go to


Interview with Lisa Brys of LegacyWorks

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