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It was a beautiful sunny day and the windows were open, allowing a gentle breeze to enter the bedroom of the residential care facility where my patient lay dying. I stood next to Edna’s niece and across from her grandson as we watched her resting peacefully, noticing her facial expressions and breathing patterns. For all purposes, Edna was doing a very good job of dying well. She was in no apparent pain or discomfort and in fact, her body was doing just what nature will call all of us to do–it was preparing to transition.

As I recall that day, I had no predictions about how much longer Edna would be with us when I heard the music box on the dresser begin to play. Surprising us all because no one had wound the box, we looked at each other in wonder. None of us could explain the spontaneous action of the music box as it continued to play for what must have been a minute or two before suddenly stopping. We looked down at Edna and discovered that she had left.

Later, I ask her family what the significance of the music box was and her niece told me that it was a gift from Edna’s husband on their 5oth wedding anniversary.

That day can be explained in many ways I’m sure, but for me, I will always believe Edna’s husband was in that bedroom and there to take her home.

As a hospice nurse for many years and then an end-of-life guide for many more, I have been present for the passing of uncounted people. Without exaggeration, I have witnessed hundreds of souls leaving their physical form. While not every event will display evidence of the separation of the spirit from the body, this has occurred enough times for there to no longer be any doubt in my mind that there is no possibility of death as we know it.

Quantum physics tells us that everything in life is vibrational energy. Everything, without exception, is vibrational energy. The human, the animal, the mineral, the vegetable. Even a thing that is not thought to be alive, like a rock, is vibrational energy. I call that Life.

So if everything is life and can not ever be anything but life, how is death ever possible? Think about it! Nothing that is alive (everything) can ever not be alive! That makes death impossible. Change is what happens, always and only.

Most of us have an arm. In fact, we have two. We are not our arm. If we lose our arm, we still remain, so we were never our arm. We own our arm. Who owns our arm? We have a human body, but we are not our body. We are the one who owns our body. Who owns our body?

For some unknown reason, there is a multitude of unanswered questions in this thing I call my “Life experience”. I trust there is a very good reason why, but there is one thing I know with certainty and I do not feel a need to prove it scientifically, and that is the fact that I will never cease to be. My human form, or what I like to call my “Earth suit” will continue in another form. My Spirit will also continue, and there is a part of me that can get giddy with the thought of possibilities. So I plan to never be over, just over there!


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