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We all learned at an early age that the two things in life are certain: death and taxes. Yet we are apprehensive and often fear both. Why? We know both are going to happen. We even know the day that our taxes returns are due. Everyone hates paying taxes, yet intelligent people understand why they are necessary so we prepare for tax season throughout the year. Death however is full of unknowns. We don’t know when or how or where. What we do know is that it is going to occur, yet far too many people procrastinate preparing for death. As much as we may know – at an intellectual level – that dying is part of this life, the thought of our own death or the death of someone near or dear fills many of us with strong emotions, the biggest being FEAR. It is not a pleasant topic to discuss but my guest Myra Bennett, the author of “Dying Made Easy(er) – Creating Your Happy Ending, will share ways to reduce or eliminate the fear and properly prepare for the inevitable.



Myra Bennett on Life Altering Events with Frank Zaccari

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