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There once was a beautiful leaf. She lived among her leaf sisters and brothers on an amazing tree that provided all needs for her children. This leaf bask in the sunshine and was bathed by the breeze until one day the tree let her go. She drifted gently to the ground that–with time–became her new home. As she lay on the soil, she began to recreate and become one with the soil. And with time, the fertilized soil nourished a seed, and this seed sprouted and made its way to the sun where it then became a plant. Along came a dear who took nourishment from this plant.

Where is the leaf? Does she no longer live, or is she simply recreated? According to quantum physics, everything on the planet–at the subatomic level–is vibrational energy. I call that energy Life. Therefore, death is not even a possibility! All Life can only recreate.

So the question I leave you with is this; why are we afraid of something that is not even real? And is there room for us to consider that after this life experience, that part of us that we call “soul” will also go on to recreate?

I ask you to stay open to the multitudes of possibilities and simply say….maybe. Because in that magical word maybe, there’s hope to conquer fear. And when fear no longer has a hold on us, we can die (and live) with freedom and intention.


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