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If you have visited my site before, you will recall how I remind my reader that death is misunderstood and that the state of death–as understood by most–is not a possibility. When a person “dies”, what really happens is change. Like a snowflake that melds, but continues to exist. The snowflake has not disappeared, it has only changed form.

From the moment we take our first breath, life challenges us to accept the Universal law of change. Yet, until the last breath is taken, we resist. We enjoy what is in the moment and wish it to stay forever–but if we examine this idea–we quickly understand that as enjoyable as it may be, part of the enjoyment is a simple fact that it is fleeting. The value is because it is the thin sliver of enjoyment and once consumed, gone forever.

The adage is; you can never go home again. I understand this truth to be so because a home can never be the same. It will have certainly changed

and is no longer the home we knew. This truth can be understood about all of life because we only have one chance at anything and everything that ever happens.

At this point, you may be asking what all this has to do with the title of this message!

The experience of life comes with many, many chances. I invite you to close your eyes and recall a particular chance in life that was not taken advantage of in a way that gave you the desired outcome. Perhaps you wish you could get another chance at it. For your sake and mine as well, I wish this were an option, but it never is. The instant we leave this very moment, it can never be returned to. We may get a new chance–and often do–but we will never get that chance again.

I have spent countless moments in deep thought about why we human beings are so afraid of death and I have concluded that there are several key reasons–but for the purpose of this message–I would like to discuss just one.

For many of us–when we think about ours or a loved one’s death–losses come to mind. First and foremost is the experience of life in our current form. For me though, the first loss that comes to mind is of those I love. In my life, I have lost many people I love. Notice that I use the present tense, not the word “loved”. I lost the life experience of these precious ones, but not the love I still carry in my heart.

So in review; Loss of me as Myra and loss of the experience in life that I share with others. Here though, is the loss I may not have always considered; When my last breath has been taken, I have lost any chance at living well.

The absolutely great news that I want to share with you now though is this; It’s not too late to live life well. At this very moment we all have a chance, and in the next moment, we will have another chance. Whatever a good life is to you can be had right now. Is there a better goal in life? I personally think that the simple intention to live life well will help us to fear death less, because we can know that we did our best and that’s enough to be able to say “I do not need any more chances, I leave it all on the table, I bid life a peaceful farewell.





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