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Why We Started Compassionate Crossings

During the many years working with the dying person and alongside the family and caregivers, Jacqueline and Myra came to understand that in the last stages of life more emotional support and comforting guidance is needed than provided by existing services. They also became aware that the public is often uninformed about the many choices possible in preparing for their last chapter. They feel passionate about filling the gap in care and educating the public about how they can create a meaningful “life cycle event” and the precious memories that go with it.

Mission Statement

We believe that by being present and offering guidance and enlightenment, we provide a safe, loving environment for the dying person and their loved ones. We feel passionate that planning such an event allows for choices that create a place of support, care, respite, and loving kindness.


Myra BennettMyra Bennett

During and after the loss of several family members and friends, with whom she shared in the care of and assisted those others who were involved, she experienced a calling to hospice nursing. At the time, she had been a nurse for nearly thirty years, with the goal always being the promotion of health and life. But it was only after becoming a hospice nurse that she recognized her calling in the field of “death and dying”.

It was during those years giving bedside care to hundreds of people as they transitioned and assisting the family and caregivers that she came to understand that this process was much more than a beloved’s passing. She became aware that it was not only the dying person but all those present who could benefit from care and support. It was at this time that she came to see herself in the role that she is in now; a Certified End of Life Guide.


Jacqueline G. PriceJacqueline G. Price

Jacqueline has many years of experience in holistic and spiritual healing. She is a hospice volunteer, Certified Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner and Certified End of Life Guide.

Early family losses introduced her to death at a tender young age, and life continued to present more and more opportunities to help others during times of transition. Jacqueline has been an ovarian cancer survivor since 2000. She was given a prognosis of two months to live. With treatment, her odds increased to a slim 10% chance of possibly surviving five years. This experience has assisted her in becoming a compassionate mentor and advocate many people concerning healing and the journey of life. She empowers women and their families to give their own cancer experience a voice and communicate as a family. She has worked with oncologists, medical students, and medical staff at UC Davis Cancer Center concerning communication needs with new cancer patients, health education, and awareness and has brought these issues to the community.

Jacqueline feels the end of life process is her calling and has identified a need in our culture for this special service, which is why she has partnered with Myra Bennett to create Compassionate Crossings. She feels honored and grateful to compassionately care for the dying person and their families during this sacred time, and very much wants to see a change in the way our culture views and plans for the dying process.